Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you take insurance?

A: My Speech Pocket, LLC is currently an out-of-network provider. A Super Bill can be provided for you to request reimbursement from your insurance company. You can contact your insurance company directly to see if they cover out of network assessment and/or treatment for in-office and/or virtual speech language therapy as well as what documentation is required (e.g., physician's prescription, Super Bill, etc.) for reimbursement

My Speech Pocket, LLC is registered with the app, Reimbursify, which streamlines the process of claiming out-of-network benefits. 

Q: What is your pricing?

A: Current pricing for services include:

-Initial Consultations (15 minutes): Complimentary

-Professional Consultation/Collaboration Services (e.g., with other therapists, teachers, AAC device venders, etc.): $25/15 minute interval 

-Comprehensive Speech Language Evaluations (1 hour): $250 

-Evaluation for an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) System (1 hour): $35

-Speech Language Teletherapy (30 minutes): $70

-In-Office Speech Language Therapy (30 minutes): $70

-In-Office AAC Set Up and Training (60 minutes): $120

Private pay is accepted via all major credit cards or HSA/FSA cards through our secure Simple Practice client portal.

Q: Where are you located?

A: 17486 Center Drive Unit 1D, Ruther Glen, VA 22546 

Q: What ages do you treat?

A: I see children between the ages of 1-18.  Depending on client need and age, I incorporate parents or communication partners in many of my sessions to assist with client participation and skill carryover.

Q: How do I get started with speech language therapy?

A: Here's how to get started:

-Call, email, or use the contact form to schedule a free phone or video consultation.

-During the initial consultation, we will go over your questions and decide if my experience matches your needs. 

-If you would like to proceed, I will send you a link to fill out the intake documents.

-We will schedule an evaluation to determine exact needs and set up goals. 

-If treatment is warranted based on the evaluation results, we will discuss recommended treatment frequency and schedule appointments.

Q: Does my child need an evaluation before starting therapy?

A: Your child may not need an evaluation if they have completed a speech language evaluation within the past 6 months, depending on the assessments administered. You can upload the documents directly to your simple practice client portal.

Q: How long/frequent are therapy sessions?

A: Therapy sessions are 30 minutes long. I typically recommend 1-3 sessions per week, depending on assessment results and areas of need.

Q: How do you provide teletherapy?

A: I use HIPAA compliant, secure web based programs for the implementation of all services (Google Meet) and payment submissions (Simple Practice). You can access your virtual speech therapy room via browser or app.

I work with parents (via a parent coaching model), directly with the child, or a hybrid approach, depending on client age and need. Sessions are most successful when a parent is present to assist in troubleshooting, redirect attention as needed, and provide additional prompting. This collaboration allows parents to become more involved in their child's communication development and increases their confidence in supporting their child's goals throughout the week. I truly believe a team approach increases skill accuracy and accelerates treatment.

Q: What technical requirements do I need to start teletherapy?

A: You will need access to a strong internet connection. Bandwidths of 1Mbs download and 0.5Mbs upload are fairly standard requirements for video conferencing speeds (you can test your connection at 

You will also need access to a built in or external webcam and microphone or headset. 

You may use your desktop or laptop computer or an iPad/Tablet (however, some teletherapy features may not be supported on iPads/Tablets). 

Sign up for a free consultation to test your equipment.